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My Story

I'm a single mother raising four children in Utah. My journey here has been marked by both the joys and challenges that come with being part of this unique community.

At my core, I'm a deeply spiritual and have dedicated a significant portion of my life to self-discovery and self-realization. I firmly believe that each person possesses the innate ability to determine their own values and beliefs and seek deep inner wisdom. One of my most profound sources of fulfillment and purpose is assisting others in tapping into their inner wisdom, bearing witness to their true selves, and guiding them toward living in alignment with their personal convictions.

I have both Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education. I love to read and I love science. My true passion, however, lies in learning about plant medicines, psychedelics, and entheogens and their intricate interactions within the human body and psyche. I've dedicated countless hours to studying these remarkable substances. My journey led me to complete a year-long facilitation mentorship program, and I am completing the Vital program offered by Psychedelics Today.

Throughout my extensive experience, I've had the privilege of facilitating over a hundred altered state journeys, and I actively teach others how to facilitate these transformative experiences. My specialization lies in the art of guiding individuals to integrate their altered state experiences into their lives in profoundly meaningful ways.

My commitment to ethical plant medicine facilitation is unwavering. I uphold the principles of full consent. I respect the autonomy and inner wisdom of each of my clients. It is my earnest desire to facilitate healing and self-discovery in a safe and respectful manner, allowing individuals to harness the incredible potential within themselves.


My Approach

When people inquire about my approach and methods, I offer two fundamental responses: I practice attentive listening and bear witness to my clients, and I guide them toward self-accountability.

To prepare my clients for their journey, I assist them in attuning to their physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, and spirit. Together, we construct a purposeful intention, and I provide comprehensive education about the substances' applications. Ensuring informed consent, I transparently disclose all relevant information, equipping my clients for a safe and open transition into an expanded state.

In the expanded state, my role encompasses attentive listening, careful observation, empathetic inquiry, reassuring comfort, and meticulous documentation. I maintain a calm and receptive physical presence, sustaining unwavering focus while embracing the energy without passing judgment.

During the integration phase, I continue to listen attentively. My mission is to empower my clients to recognize their innate wisdom and inner healing abilities. I help them process deeper levels of awareness and encourage them to utilize the information from the expanded state to make meaningful and lasting change.

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