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Transformational Healing Container 

18 hrs total - Price based on income sliding scale

*Apply for a discounted rate based on economic need

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Introductory Call

This call is the first step to booking a Transformative Healing Container. Ask good questions. Make an informed choice. 


Intention and Preparation Appointment

Begin The work. Open to yourself and learn to follow your inner healer. Learn about the plants and molecules. Set your intention and open to the experience.


Expanded State Session

Be guided into and through an expanded state. Open to your unconscious and collective unconscious. Meet your inner wisdom and embrace new states of body and mind.


Extended Integration Appointment

Integrate the expanded state experience. Dive deep into your own inner wisdom. Learn to bring the experience into your everyday life and heal.

Integration Services

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Introductory Call

Required first call. Introduce yourself. Ask good questions and decide the best way to proceed.

25 min



Integrate your altered state experience and create a deeper relationship with your inner healer.

1 hr


Extended Integration 

Integrate your expanded state experience. Dive deeper into your own inner wisdom. 

1 hr 25 min



Free 15 min Practitioner Consult Call

Have a question about safety, screening, preparation, or integration for a client? Please call 

Collaborative Healing Container

Preparation, Expanded State Session, integration

Book a free consult call

10 hrs - Reduced price 

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