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Sarah Collette


Please Join Us!

Facilitator Training Program

2nd Cohort starting March 26th, 2024

Six Month Intensive



Free 15 min Practitioner Consult Call

Have a question about safety, screening, preparation, or integration for a client? Please call 


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Introductory Call

The first step. Ask questions. Make informed choices. 

25 min

Transformative Healing Container

Through intentional preparation, altered states, and integration, access your inner wisdom and transform.

18 hrs

Integration Sessions

Integrate your expanded state experience. Dive deep into your own inner wisdom. 

55 min

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About Me

My name is Sarah Collette. I'm an altered state facilitator, integration specialist, and facilitation teacher. As a Vital graduate and through research, mentorships, and extensive client experience, I have come to a deep understanding of the beauty and effectiveness of using expanded states of consciousness, plant medicine and other molecules, and integration for profound transformation. 

Sarah and I worked through the Psilocybin experience, who I am as a man, and who I am as a husband and father. We focused on different key relationships. For the first time, I'm choosing to show up for me. I'm honoring my feelings, looking inward to see how my body feels and giving myself grace.

~D. M.

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"There is indeed an eternal dimension of awareness deep in the core of the human mind where creativity, love, and beauty  reign supreme"

William A. Richards

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